Runners in Williamsburg have it really hard, you guys. The sidewalk is scary, McCarren Park is boring, my shoes hurt and that bird just looked at me weird. Here's what the Craigslist cat dragged in today:

Hello fellow running enthusiasts!

I'm looking to gather like minded individuals who love to run, are based in Williamsburg, and don't feel safe doing so (or are just plain annoyed with other pedestrians) on sidewalks. And let's face it, the track at McCarren park is just plain boring to run on. I'm starting to love running in bike lanes, especially on Kent Ave. It's great to feel like you're not in anyone's way, and also great not having to deal with pedestrians walking about on sidewalks. I've seen a number of other runners taking to that bike lane lately, so I figure why not join forces? Let's see if we can get a group of 30+ to meet daily/weekly and run the bike lanes together! All runners welcome, strollers too!

If this goes well, perhaps we could even take to the Williamsburg Bridge bike lanes for a group run too!

Is this a joke? Probably! Do we care? NO, because people actually do this, they run in the bike lane and it is the most obnoxious practice since the "Reply All" function and subway oatmeal. We reached out to the poster for comment, but in the meantime, please stay on the sidewalk, or in your $1,350 closet where you belong.