A Williamsburg man was attacked Thursday in what police have determined is another in a series of anti-gay hate crimes, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

David Jimenez, 40, had just finished walking some friends to a cab near South 3rd Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street when he passed a group of men standing on the stoop of a building. According to Jimenez, who was also walking his dogs at the time, one of the men starting yelling "Hey you, f-----." When he turned around, Jimenez tells the paper, the man began punching him in the face.

Jimenez, who was attempting to hang on to his dogs during the fracas, wound up with his nose broken in four places, as well as a broken eye socket. Police arrested a 35-year-old man in connection with attack.

Anti-gay hate crimes have been on the rise in New York City in recent months—up drastically from last year. A couple was attacked last month while holding hands outside Chelsea Cinemas, and a transgender woman was beaten to death in Harlem just a few days later.