Just in time for Trash Bar's closing, Williamsburg is getting equipped with the high-tech sidewalk trash compactors of the future. Big solar-powered compactors were installed throughout Williamsburg this morning, and the NYC Sanitation Department says they will eventually replace the old normcore wire mesh litter baskets. 192 are being introduced throughout the Williamsburg-Greenpoint area.

Through the magic of compacting, these Big Belly brand compactors are able to hold more trash than the old litter baskets, which means they don't need to be emptied as frequently, freeing up the Sanitation Department to optimize its work force. A red light flashes to indicate when the compactors are full, and their sealed design has the added advantage of deterring rats and pigeons.


The compactors rolled out in Park Slope in 2011, expanded to Times Square in 2013. They can hold five times as much trash as a regular DSNY trash bin, and to date there have been no reports of rebel impostors getting trapped inside...

A Sanitation Department spokesperson says "the one-year pilot will help DSNY determine how well the solar powered compactors work on a full DSNY litter basket collection route. These new baskets will be serviced three times a week along a regular litter basket collection route freeing up a basket truck to start doing additional cleaning in the area."