The brazen drive-by shooting in Williamsburg yesterday apparently started as a dispute between motorists. A gunman in a green Nissam Maxima fired at 38-year-old Ramon Blas, hitting the victim once in the side as he sat inside his car sometime after 2:30 pm. Wounded, Blas managed to drive his gray BMW SUV a few blocks before colliding with a parked car at the corner of Lorimer and Ten Eyck streets. He then "staggered into the driver's compartment of a slowly moving UPS van," the Post reports. The UPS driver ran into a nearby packaging store, shouting: "Someone just got shot inside my truck," according to the Daily News.

According to anonymous police sources quoted in both tabloids, Blas might have "goaded" or "dared his adversary to open fire." When cops arrived, they transferred the Long Island City resident — who according to the Daily News was on parole until 2012 for robbery charges — to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The incident happened in front of the Williamsburg campaign office for Mayoral loser Bill Thompson, and campaign workers who witnessed the shooting said Blas was looking for cover when he climbed into the delivery truck.

The victim's mother told the Daily News that her son would have been in Puerto Rico on the day of the crime, had his credit card not been rejected as he booked the trip. "I could not believe it," said Lydia Blas, 61, whose other son Robert Mara was shot to death at age 33 in 2001. "He was a jokester. He never bothered nobody."