For every bad thing that happens in Brooklyn, there's a hipster with too much time on his hands just waiting to turn it into some glib referential art gag. With the high-profile paroxysms of violence marring the reopening of the McCarren Park Pool, it was probably only a matter of time before some wiseass turned it into street art. Behold, The McCarren Park Pool Fight Club, where "all age and skill levels are welcome to fight."

We're assuming these posters are promoting a non-existent event—among other things, there's no date on the poster letting would-be club members know when to assemble. The tipster who sent us these photos says, "They were everywhere in Williamsburg" last night. For those who don't see the humor in this, the joke is that people have been assaulted, injured and robbed in a series of violent incidents in and around the pool, which taxpayers paid $50 million to renovate. One 13-year-old girl had to undergo surgery for a broken nose after she was attacked. "Hilarious," right?