It's tough to say who has it worse: Park Slope parents and the deluge of iPads and computers keeping their babies from knowing the joy of Real Books, or Williamsburg parents, a handful of whom tell DNAinfo that all the luxury condo construction along the waterfront is destroying walks and nap time for stay-at-home moms and their offspring.

It turns out that all the hand-stitched baby-sized bomber hats in the world aren't enough to keep the booms and bangs of jackhammers and forklifts away from the tender ears of Williamsburg infants, who can kiss their chances of getting into Horace Mann goodbye thanks to their compromised sleep patterns. Parents cocooned all day in their warm, soundproof offices have no knowledge of the struggle that their stay-at-home counterparts endure.

"When you go to work you don't notice it, but when you're a mom you're walking all these streets every day...You just have to deal with it," moaned Vanessa Vellucci, a resident of Northside Piers who was probably just fine with the noise and dust the construction of her own newly-built luxury condo created for neighbors before she swooped in from Manhattan two years ago.

Of course, poor Vanessa has been through a lot, what with all the mold and leaks and bad plumbing plaguing her highly desirable building. She may as well just move to the projects! Oh wait.