Finally, a place for the little Kyps and Karens of Williamsburg to play without sacrificing style for recreation. Behold "Frolic!" a 1,500 sq ft member's-only play space and "enrichment center" located on the waterfront in The Edge, one of those massive luxury condos that opened a few years back. Billed as the borough’s first “rock n’ roll play space," Frolic! appears to be a melange of hippie and hipster aesthetics, at a price point only a yuppie can afford. Membership comes at three different levels, starting at $828 a year for the basic "Guest List" membership, and moving on up to "I'm With the Band" for $1,320. Not cheap, but do you really want Iggy Jr. mingling with the poindexters at that South First Street playground?

Here at Frolic!, your kids can really play like rock stars, climbing on the psychedelic mushrooms, rocking out in the vintage VW Bus, and sliding down a Rolling Stones-shaped slide tongue. And while they're running around with their sticky fingers, you can enjoy unlimited access to the private coffee lounge, serving fair trade and organic coffee, of course. Frolic! also offers kids' classes such as Tiny Dancer, Tiny Tumbler and Rock Music History 101. In the future, look for advanced courses such as Sleeping on Couches and Get Enriched, Bitch: Negotiating Your Tour Rider. [Brooklyn Based via Curbed]