No, seriously-- check this photo I'm Not Saying just sent in:


This is the Northside Piers project at Kent and 5th. DEVELOPING.

Update: BNN reports-- "164 KENT AVE & NORTH 5TH ST| ALL FIRE HAS BEEN XTGH'ED, PRIMARY SEARCH ON THE TOP FLOOR(S) IS (-)" That's good news-- especially if you bought an apartment in the building!

Update: Mihow has another angle-- check out that billowing smoke!


Update: I'm Not Saying has put up a few more angles-- who wants to help us pen quick film treatment for "Towering Inferno 2: Hipsters on Fire"?

Update: we called up Halstead Property, which is representing the project. Robyn, their communications rep, told us there were no injuries from the fire, and that everyone was quickly evacuated, and that all the workers are now back on site. Apparently the fire was started by a kettle that was being used to prepare roofing tar-- which explains why, although the fire was immediately contained, there was so much smoke.