The metal bike bumps on the pedestrian/bike path on the Williamsburg Bridge will be re-examined by the Department of Transportation, after repeated complaints and crashes. In fact, a study showed that the 2-inch bumps, which are plates covering expansion joints of the bridge, cause one in four bikers to crash; there are $10 million in lawsuits against the city from injured bikers. Two inches for a bump? That's good for a car, but a bike? Plus, these bumps might violate laws for the disabled as well. The DoT is bringing in a consultant to do another study, but City Councilwoman Margarita Lopez laughed and told the Daily News, "To me, a study doesn't cut it. This is going to be studied? They are going to study something that never should have been approved in the first place? I'm sick and tired of all the studies."

Transportation Alternatives on biking the Williamsburg Bridge.

Photo from Bluejake