One of the most striking buildings in Brooklyn, the Williamsburg Bank Building, be converted into condos to be on the market in 2006. The Post reports that the coveted-for-resale-potential building was "massively expensive," and that the building (actually in Fort Greene, as pointed out by reader Astrid) will offer more than 180 luxury residential units. With some of the most stunning views of the Manhattan available, Gothamist expects the units to break Brooklyn records, sort of the same way DUMBO's Clock Tower conversion stunned the area. NY magazine's neighborhood profiles for Fort Greene and Williamsburg.

Other stats: Built in 1929, the building is 512 feet and 34 stories. More about the Williamsburg Bank Building from Forgotten NY. And check out the big prices for Williamsburg's current luxury building du jour, The Gretsch, at Curbed.

Photo from Frank Lynch's SamuelJohnson.com