Williamsburg, urban oasis of cool, has a lot going for it right now. You've got your Duane Reade, your totally dangerous graffiti J. Crew and and an Urban Outfitters (you know, for kids!). And just in case you felt there was some kind of gap, some hole that needed filling, you'll be happy to know that just four days after the Williamsburg Whole Foods opens this month, the Williamsburg Apple store will open across the street, fully forming the world's blandest Voltron.

Currently, the website for the 20,000-square-foot store, located on the corner of Bedford and North 3rd, is promising a "something special" for all of us during their grand opening at 10 a.m. on July 30th, which hopefully means free iPhones. More realistically, it means balloons in the front and an in-store performance by a local hardcore band doing Hall and Oates covers, because hey they gotta pay the rent and the Acheron is closed man.

With any luck, this store means we can get a European-accented version of the Apple Care Lady, because hey, everyone loves a reboot.