A man who's committed a string of armed robberies at cafes, shops and boutiques in the Village reminded a victim of someone—with a thin, pale face, sunken cheeks and piercing eyes, he was the spitting image of Beat writer and classy junkie William S. Burroughs.

About two weeks ago, the ghost of the deceased novelist was spotted peering through the window of Eskimix Flavor Boutique. The specter stepped inside and ordered a Berrilicious smoothie. “I kept thinking about how he looked like the author William S. Burroughs,” a young employee manning the counter told the NY Times. The customer then pulled out a handgun and emptied the store register. Since then he's held up the Pleasure Chest on 7th Avenue (he told employees he was looking for something for his wife), the Tibetan import store Semba (he got $500) and the gay-interest boutique Rainbows and Triangles. Several of the victims noted his "professionalism."

Cops have ID'd 46-year-old Timothy Honey from the Bronx as a suspect. They released a 13-year-old picture of him, but said he's lost weight since—hence the writerly look of starvation. One victim shrugged the robbery off as an isolated incident. “It’s very safe and neighborhoody here. I think it’s totally random,” said Steven Spiro, owner of Rainbows and Triangles. But Zack Hemingway, manager of the Please Chest, was spooked since for him the crime hearkened up stories of the neighborhood's bad old days. “I was in disbelief,” he said. “The Village is much safer now than it was.” Well, it still is; just don't let this guy try to shoot an apple off your head.