New Yorkers are presumably eagerly anticipating the outcome of the Taxi of Tomorrow competition, which will introduce a new, "iconic" taxi to the TLC fleet. The Taxi of Tomorrow survey says, "One major goal of the Taxi of Tomorrow project is universal accessibility for persons with disabilities," but according to a report from the TLC, wheelchair users are costing the Commission a pretty penny. $172 per ride, to be exact.

According to the Daily News, wheelchair users took 5,800 trips over the past two years as part of a pilot program where they could call for cabs. However, the program cost $1 million in City Council funds, making it not quite cost-effective. Currently, about 240 of the almost 13,500 yellow cabs are wheelchair accessible, and the report states, "Our current belief is the existing 240 medallions are sufficient to meet demand. They simply need to be deployed more effectively."

However, Assemblyman Micah Kellner argues that non-wheelchair passengers can still use wheelchair accessible cabs, and it makes more sense to make the whole fleet wheelchair accessible. He also said the TLC did nothing to publicize the pilot program, which could account for the low turnout. Of the three finalists in the Taxi of Tomorrow competition, only the Karsan model is wheelchair accessible, and Kellner believes the TLC is leaning against a wheelchair accessible model. But the Karsan design looks so much cooler!