Subway hero Wesley Autrey isn't done being a public figure yet. While being interviewed by the Daily News to commemorate the second anniversary of his famous rescue of a man who had fallen onto the tracks and into the path of an oncoming train, Autrey mentioned, "I would like to do a couple of commercials for Subway sandwiches." Being a hero and all, naturally his motivation for doing them would be to raise money for his foundation that works with troubled youths. For the first time since his memorable leap at the 137th Street 1 train station, Autrey was reunited with the man he saved, film student Cameron Hollopeter. It wasn't exactly The Gift of the Magi, but the two exchanged presents. Autrey passed along a reproduction of a painting inspired by their encounter, "A Hero/Angel Is Born," while Hollopeter brought a framed picture of himself, sitting at a piano. Autrey took a break from his construction job to tell the News, "We've more or less adopted each other. I told my daughters, 'You've got a new uncle now.'"