In this era of great upheaval in the world, you might need a reminder that we're in the same universe and timeline that we've always lived in. As you watch the world spin out of control and wonder if these times are darker than ever, just ground yourself with the news that the Second Avenue line is, as it has always been, seriously in danger of missing its projected opening date. There's comfort in that.

The Times reports that yesterday's presentation on the state of the Second Avenue line revealed that things have not been up to speed since a previous report suggested the line would have to open in December without the 72nd Street Station. Anil Parikh, the program executive for the project, told MTA officials that three escalators at the 86th Street station haven't been installed yet, and testing on them won't be finished until December 14th. Parikh also told the board that 72nd Street station elevator testing was also running behind schedule, and that a fire alarm for the line won't be tested until the end of November.

Kent Haggas, an independent engineer working on the project, bluntly told the MTA board that the 72nd and 86th Street stations wouldn't be ready to open even at the end of December unless the MTA increased the amount of tests done on the system from 14 per week to 40 per week. And let's not forget that business where the MTA forgot to make the tunnels wide enough for some of their train stock.

There was some good news though: things are going well at the 96th Street Station. And MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast told the board, "There is still a ways to go, and we’re still hopeful at this time for Dec. 31."

Oh you lovable old Second Avenue subway project, don't ever change.