While the MTA is still looking at their budget for 2008, a fare hike for next year could be on the horizon. The Daily News talked to MTA CEO Elliot Sander, who said, "I think the whole conversation is a little premature for us to engage in, but at the same time I think it's fair for me to say it's a real possibility." The reason the MTA needs a fare hike? Annual deficits are more than $1 billion and rising and the MTA has been borrowing money to offset decreased funding.

While the MTA has made no decisions yet on a fare hike, Gothamist wonders if they are going to raise the price of the unlimited cards or raise the base fare. The last increase in the base fare was in 2003 and the last increase in the unlimited Metrocard was in 2005. Sandler also pointed out that those with the unlimited card were paying an average of $1.30.

And if you didn't know already, accessibility for disabled riders in the subway is crap.

Photo of the Chambers Street station by smoothdude on flickr