The season has not gone as expected for Dallas. With Cowboys Stadium due to host the Super Bowl in February, many experts picked Dallas to become the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium. But, that looks like a longshot at best. Dallas is 1-4 and they have shown a penchant for self-destruction at the key moments in games.

Heading into the turmoil surrounding Dallas come the Giants, holders of a three-game winning streak, but a team that had it’s own turmoil not so long ago. Since they were obliterated by Tennessee, the Giants have rediscovered their defense and gotten more consistent on offense. While they are 4-2, New York hasn’t played a divisional game yet.

Tellingly, Las Vegas has made the Giants the underdogs in this game, despite the disparity in the two teams’ records. For all of their problems, Dallas is a dangerous club and the feeling here is they keep their faint playoff hopes alive with a win on Monday Night.