The Giants stayed out of the abyss this past Sunday. Losers of four-straight, they blew a 14-point fourth quarter lead, but managed to prevail in overtime to keep their season moving. Now, they have to go on the road in a short week and beat a Denver team that has its own problems. Denver started out 6-0 on the season and has lost four games in a row to date. Things have gotten so bad that they started fighting each other last week.

Put it all together and you have a game that may not the thing to watch while trying to digest your Thanksgiving feast. (NFL Network and Channel 11 at 8:20 pm) Both teams are deeply flawed with the Giants’ defense unable to get a big stop when needed. New York will be without Antonio Pierce and Ahmad Bradshaw is questionable. Brandon Jacobs was hurt against Atlanta, but he vows that he will play tomorrow.

In a game like this it will come down to which team makes fewer mistakes. That’s where the Giants and Eli Manning have a slight advantage over Denver and Kyle Orton. It won’t be pretty, but the Giants will do enough to improve to 7-4.