With the ink finally beginning to dry on the MTA bailout deal, some questions are being raised on how the Democrats in the State Senate will be able to get legislation passed from this point on without the painful process that went along with the transit bill negotiations. The bailout saw factions within Democratic senators effectively kill East River tolls (the appropriately titled "Three Amigos") and receive kickbacks for the payroll tax (the desperately needing a publicist "Long Island Two"). The Times points out that the Senate has had to force legislation like overturning the Rockefeller drug laws into the state budget rather than get picked apart as a stand-alone bill. Could it be time for Smith to start sitting down with and courting votes from Republicans rather than relying on these party-line affairs? One senator told the paper, “We can either do 32 out of 32, and always fight for the last two or three votes. Or we can do 32 out of 62, and get a lot more done.” It's also worth noting that two of the Dems' 32 are currently facing felony charges.