am New York

reports that the City Council will discuss banning the sale of spray paint, to continue efforts to deter the spread of graffiti. The City Council wants its time in the sun, ever since the Mayor announced his anti-graf plan. Of course, this might affect people with legitimate uses for spray paint, but City Councilman Peter Vallone thinks the "benefit of less graffit outweighs the inconvenience of taking a trip outside the city to buy paint." Wait a minute. If Gothamist is working on our Trading Spaces inspired home improvement projects, you know, the kind that look good only if you're drunk or out of your mind, we won't be able to buy spray paint to turn that old nightstand into something worse? Say! Twenty bucks the proposal doesn't go anywhere - construction workers unions will complain.

NY magazine has a feature on the Graffiti Habitual Offender Suppression Team, aka GHOST. It's a goldmine of information, including how German tourists cut "precise holes" to attempt to tag subway cars and the arrest of a 17 year-old who stencils ducks and pandas!