A Citigroup-employed reader send us the latest security memo from Citigroup and writes, "As if dozens of gun-toting NYPD cops werent enough...now we ave to put up with dog searches as well....all those investment bankers are going to have to leave their stashes at home." The dilemma of being able to nail that deal and act like a jerk while high as a kite or getting arrested for drug possession - tough one.

Check out the badge Storm, an NYPD bomb-sniffing dog, gets to wear (photo from nuthouse)! The Straight Dope explains how bomb-sniffing dogs are trained - but not if there's a difference between bomb- and drug-sniffing pooches. And security checks are important - Clear Channel have a bomb scare yesterday in Times Square. Gothamist wonders if some employees sneaked to a movie at one of the multiplexes or got some Coldstone Creamery ice cream, which is a head trip of another kind (go there and experience off-key renditions of "Milkshake"). And here's the Citigroup memo:

Starting this week in New York City, Citigroup Security and Investigative Services will begin regular patrols accompanied by security trained dogs. The patrols will take place at 111 Wall Street, 250 West Street, 333 West 34th Street, 388 and 390 Greenwich Street, 399 Park Avenue, and Court Square.

While the dogs will mainly patrol the building exteriors, at times they will enter employee areas inside these buildings. The officers handling the dogs have been trained and the dogs do not pose any threat to employees. There is no set schedule for the dog patrols; the patrols will occur at random times during normal business hours at these locations.

Thank you for your cooperation. As always, your security is our main concern.

Was anyone subjected to a dog search? Did a security officer tell you not to pet the dog? Do the dogs wear badges?