Now that President Obama has officially opened himself up for criticism about the role he has taken in shaping New York's local politics, some Democrats are openly questioning where the presidential love for Bill Thompson is. One Democrat today is quoted as saying, "The first black President who tells the first black governor to get out, and he won't help the guy who wants to be the second black mayor? The irony is thick."

The Daily News says that negotiations on a potential Obama endorsement of Thompson are ongoing, but it doesn't appear very likely because the president would only like to use his influence if the race truly looks "competitive." Obama of course has generally had a pretty chummy relationship with Bloomberg since taking office. White House's biggest involvement in the race so has been the unsuccessful attempt to block the extension of term limits by Political Affairs Director Patrick Gaspard, the man who dropped the hammer on the governor.

The News points out that Obama did campaign against Bloomberg in 2005 alongside Fernando Ferrer—back when the then-senator was building a base among Hispanic voters nationwide. Brooklyn Assemblyman Keith Wright said today, "If they're getting involved in local politics, that's where we really need them."