Ferry whizzes by a dark New York during the blackout; Photo: Robert Sterling

Gothamist would like to thank the New York Times for giving us a mini anxiety attack with an article about last year's blackout that begins, "As the New York region looks toward summer and the first anniversary of the biggest blackout in North American history, two things are clear. There is enough electricity to survive the heat. And yet, the lights may go out anyway." Augh! Are state officials trying to tell us that perhaps another blackout could occur, because if that's the case, trim those tree branches! NYC has enough power until 2009, which is when officials expect the city to fall short of the 3000 megawatts needed by 280 megawatts (if anyone can explain any of this, be our guest). Yes, the blackout was a great way to bond, dance in the streets and have cookouts, but blackouts are so 2003. Let's think of something new in this post-Industrial Revolution world, like money magically coming out of all ATMs at once.

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