Some bridges don't get no respect. No mayor in his right mind would ever dream of naming the Brooklyn Bridge after a former politician, but when it comes to bridges with modern, ugly metalwork it's all RFK and... Ed Koch? The Bloomberg administration will reportedly announce plans today to rename the Queensboro bridge the Edward I. Koch bridge, and to rename the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel after former Governor Hugh L. Carey.

Koch told the Times he believes the Queensboro is a fitting bridge to carry his name, saying, "It’s a workhorse bridge. And that’s what I am, I’m a workhorse. Always have been. I feel very compatible with it." He also approved of the tunnel naming, which just needs to be signed off by Governor Paterson. City Council needs to approve the renaming of the bridge, and the city plans to raise private money to pay for the updated road signs.

We expect the renamings to be met with a resounding "meh," but one CBS 2 commenter said, "There are great ways to honor those who have served the city and state. Renaming bridges and tunnels just isn’t one of them. This is a complete waste of money, regardless of who is footing the bill." It's OK—everyone here will keep calling the structures by their old names, and tourists will just get confused when they see the signs. It's a win win!