Now that we solved that whole tax credit deficit problem, there's a new worry for the filmmakers who want to point their lens at New York City. Crain's reports that "the latest shock to the industry is a plan by the city to charge the largest fees in the nation for filming in its buildings [$3,200/day]. The Mayor's film office is also drawing up plans to charge for its famous free permits. Even more troubling, the city's tax incentive program is out of money and in the process of being scaled back, and the state is in negotiations over whether to renew its tax incentives." Well, that's an exhausting list.

While many hate the likes of Will Smith screwing up their commute for the sake of a Hollywood blockbuster, who doesn't love to see films shot here; what if Woody Allen's Manhattan was filmed in Toronto? This must be solved! Maybe we only make Michael Bay pay these exorbitant fees.

When this happened in the '90s the industry boycotted New York, saying it was no longer production friendly — so many are questioning the new fees since reportedly this recent production boom "has been one of the state's few bright spots in the recession. The production industry added 800 jobs in 2008, while most sectors posted job losses." Not to mention the billions of dollars collected in taxes from productions. Taking Woodstock producer Michael Hausman says, “We've proven that filmmaking is good for New York, and they are killing it."