On Friday, accountant to the stars Kenneth Starr pleaded guilty to running a Ponzi scheme where he took his clients' money to fund his own expensive tastes and life with his third wife, a former Scores stripper. However, Diane Passage wasn't in court, and the Post staked out Starr's apartment building: She "returned to her soon-to-be-forfeited triplex yesterday with a fresh pedicure and a bundle of dry cleaning about three hours after Starr copped his plea."

Passage didn't offer a comment, but her lawyer said, "There was no hidden agenda" and "no divorce talks" between Starr and Passage, explaining, "She has a 12-year-old son to look after and she needed to be home for him... Diane will stick with her husband through this. They will get past this. He will go to serve his sentence, rehabilitate and redeem himself. They will do this together. She will wait for him."

Well, she may be waiting 10 to 12 years, because that's the prison sentence the plea is calling for. Besides that, the government may seek to "the forfeiture of as much as $50 million in assets owned or controlled by Mr. Starr and $50 million in restitution for his victims," according to the NY Times. However, Starr's lawyer "indicated that the forfeiture and restitution amounts were under discussion but that they were likely to be 'significantly less' than $50 million."