The hundreds of miles of bike lanes added during the Bloomberg administration will likely be barren wastelands in a hundred years, once all the cyclists have died off without passing their fixies down to younger generations. We previously knew that male cyclists were suffering from erectile dysfunction because of bike seats, now another study says women, as one doctor puts it, "are having issues as well." Is the radical bike wing lobby dooming itself to obsolescence through natural selection?

According to a recent study, women who ride bikes with lower handlebars, stationary or otherwise, have experienced decreased genital sensation. That's because the lower handlebars force women to put more pressure in an area of soft tissue called the perineum, resulting in "decreased sensation in the pelvic floor." The study, conducted by Yale researchers, didn't look at the decrease in cyclist-on-cyclist procreation as a result of flaccid and unfeeling genitals, but it doesn't take a crystal ball to see that a certain subspecies of cyclist is doomed.

But there is hope: There's debate about this, but many believe a "no nose" bike saddle reduces pressure on the perineum by forcing cyclists to put pressure on the sit bones, instead of the soft tissue of the perineum. At press time, a number of wealthy, politically-connected Park Slope residents were buying up all the "no nose" bike saddles and burning them in the middle of the PPW bike lane. [Via The Hairpin]