2008_12_jacobsvikings.jpgIt’s hard to guess how the Giants will play their game on Sunday against Minnesota, but last year’s season finale offers some clues. In that game the Giants had nothing to play for, having clinched a playoff spot the previous week, yet went toe-to-toe with the undefeated Patriots. Though they lost 38-35, most people see that game as the spark the impetus for their Super Bowl win.

New York faces a similar situation this week. They have wrapped up the #1 seed and know they will be off until the weekend of January 10th. But, if they lose this game they will also enter the playoffs having lost three of their last four games and there will be questions about how ready they are.

So, the guess here is that they play this game like any other, except they may not use Brandon Jacobs that much. Jacobs has been hurt a lot this season and the Giants will want to keep him fresh for the playoffs. Unless the game gets out of hand early, New York will keep the regulars in and they will be rewarded with a victory to finish the regular season at 13-3.

Photo of Brandon Jacobs by AP/Nick Wass