2013 doesn't just mean a big mayoral election in the Big Apple; it also could include a big gubernatorial election down in New Jersey as well. And not just because Governor Chris Christie is going to try for a second term but also because there has been much scuttlebutt that he'll be facing Newark's "rock star" mayor Cory Booker. But maybe Booker won't run?

Last night, just as Booker was finishing up his weeklong SNAP "food stamp" challenge (which yes, he again "blogged" about on Linkedin), BuzzFeed went and tossed out the idea that Booker wasn't going to run for gov in the end (though he does want to run the Garden State one day). After all, why aim so low when Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg is expected to retire from the Senate in 2014 (at age 90!).

"I'm putting a lot of people I trust around me," Booker told CNN regarding his political future on Monday, "trying to make the decision based simply on this-where I think I can make the most difference in the city I love and the state I love and the nation I pledged my life to."

Considering the tremendous popularity Christie has enjoyed at home in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the idea that Booker might wait out the governor's race in favor of a spot in the Senate seems pretty reasonable.