Future plans for Navy Yard, and the Timber Shed's current state

As the Brooklyn Navy Yard prepares to be supermarket sweeped, activists are still holding out hope that at least one Admiral's Row building will be saved. Proposed plans keep the 1830-era Timber Shed standing amongst the new developments, but preservationists are warning that if the feds don't act fast the structure will be beyond repair. According to the Daily News, saving the shed is a required part of the city's development deal with the federal government, so if it crumbles locals may never get their precious ShopRite.

While the property is still officially getting sold to the city, the preservationists want the current owners, the National Guard, to stabilize the shed, which last year partially caved in during a snowstorm. The group claims the Guard may be breaking the law by neglecting a historic building, but a spokesman says there are "legal requirements that must be fully satisfied before anyone can act."

Will red tape destroy the Timber Shed? Navy Yard Development Corp. President Andrew Kimball says right now "the roof is starting to fall in. If action isn't taken very, very soon to stabilize the building, it will collapse." As the clock ticks down, take a look back at the good ol' days.