It's not just unhinged Andrea Peyser at the NY Post who hates the Broadway pedestrian plazas; Steve Cuozzo at the NY Post hates 'em, too! As the Bloomberg administration gets ready to decide whether or not to keep these blocks of Broadway car-free, the tabloid is going all out to turn the masses against the plazas. Thus Sprach Cuozzo:

Closing Broadway to vehicular traffic between 42nd and 47th Streets has left us with slow-moving hordes of sightseers sprawled across asphalt-paved, cheaply furnished pedestrian "plazas." For all the energy this has sucked out of the fabled "bowtie," it's hardly a matter of esthetics alone. This used to be Midtown's most dynamic commercial nexus. But Times Square office leasing has fallen on hard times, with fewer deals being made and lots of space soon to be vacant.

Companies come and go for many reasons, but it's clear Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan's brainstorm isn't helping. "You might as well be at a mall in Paramus," an accomplished Midtown real-estate executive told me... One commercial real-estate broker told Crain's recently that his Times Square clients were fed up with "throngs of tourists on the streets," and looking elsewhere as a result.

Arghh, the sky is falling! Tourists are bringing the tumbleweeds! The absence of Times Square gridlock has driven away business! Dick Clark might as well just broadcast the New Year's Eve show from a mall in New Jersey! Also, Cuozzo has to rap more tourists with his cane on his walk to work!