Add another name to the list of unexpected candidates considering running against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Mayor Bloomberg's longtime girlfriend Diana Taylor has reportedly been meeting with Republicans to discuss a possible campaign. The race has already seen a short-lived Democratic campaign by former Congressman and pundit Harold Ford Jr. and an already-canceled Republican run by Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman—not to mention a still pending Republican campaign by former Bush adviser Dan Senor, husband of CNN anchor Campbell Brown. So what's the deal with the city's unofficial First Lady?

Well, no one really knows much about her. The Post reports that Taylor twice worked for Gov. Pataki's administration, first as a deputy secretary, then as the state's superintendent of banking. After leaving political work, she has taken a job with the Wolfensohn Family Foundation, apparently focusing on "global issues." She was reportedly considered by President Bush to run the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, but she never got the job.

Taylor is known for being private, but in a rare profile on his girlfriend of ten years, Bloomberg said she's "got brains, she's got personality. She's sophisticated but down to Earth. She's one of those people who can do anything she sets her mind to."