Here's the proposition: Print a newspaper of blog posts and then distribute it for free! That's what Chicago startup The Printed Blog is doing, starting next Tuesday in Chicago and San Francisco. Founder and publisher Joshua Karp tells the NY Times, "We are trying to be the first daily newspaper comprised entirely of blogs and other user-generated content. There were so many techniques that I’ve seen working online that maybe I could apply to the print industry.” The Times adds that the Printed Blog has received permission from 300 blogs "to publish their work for a share of the ad revenue, including small-audience bloggers in Chicago and nationally known blogs like Daily Kos," which helps cut down that hefty cost of the newspaper business—reporters! The Printed Blog also says it "reads and functions like a web feed—yet can still be enjoyed on the train or spread across the breakfast table, for an uninterrupted, pleasurably tactile experience." AND readers' comments will be included! Next: Time to learn hot type!