trophy.jpgIn a comment on our most recent weather post Michael mentioned that he heard we were on track to the warmest August ever. Gothamist took a quick look at the numbers and saw that we will be close to the warmest August ever and one of the ten warmest months since records began in Central Park since 1869.

The ten warmest months ever are:

July 1999 – 81.4 degrees
July 1955 – 80.9
Aug 1980/July 1950 – 80.3
July 1993 – 80.2
July 1908 – 79.8
July 1949 – 79.6
July 1983 – 79.5
July 1994 – 79.4
July 1980 and 1988 – 79.3

Through yesterday the average temperature for this month is 80.1 degrees. Using the National Weather Service forecasts Gothamist calculates that August's average temperature will wind up around 79.2. That would put this month as the 12th warmest ever of any month and the 2nd warmest August. Temperatures for the rest of the month would have to be slightly greater than those forecasted for us to break the top ten, and much warmer than predicted to set the August record.

Expect the humidity and cloudiness to increase as the weekend progresses. By the middle of next week we may get some rain depending on the path of Hurricane Katrina's remnants.