At least one person heartily agrees with future Hustler editor Carl Paladino that Monday night's gubernatorial debate was about as substantial as Anna Chapman's iPhone app. "It was a joke...That’s not a debate. I mean, the people who put that debate together had their heads screwed on wrong,” said wrinkly former Mayor Ed Koch at the State Capitol yesterday.

His favorite performance wasn't Jimmy McMillan and his karate rhetoric though: "The one who had the best lines was the madam, and they were written for her by Roger whatever-his name is,” he said, referring to Kristin Davis and her political pimp, Roger Stone.

Eyewitness News has made offers to both candidates to debate any day next week, and Paladino has already accepted. "People have a right to speak but I think people want to hear issues now, so we're asking for a debate one-on-one so we can focus on the issues," Paladino said. Koch isn't sure if Cuomo is going to bite though: “The only thing that you’re required to do, historically, if you’re ahead—and [Cuomo’s] way ahead—is to give one debate. Now the idiot here was Paladino, who said he wanted all seven [candidates]. He was the one who insisted on the seven and I’ll bet when Andrew heard that he said, ‘Oh, really? We must do that.’”