They've dealt with the K-Rod controversy, and cleaned house a bit. They've got a new GM and a new manager. So now it's time to ask the hard questions: "If the Mets' logo were to appear on your favorite brand of bread, how would it affect your purchase?"

With the stink of the last few underwhelming seasons still clinging to the team, the Mets have begun thinking outside the box, sending out online surveys to try to figure out how to re-brand themselves and win back fans. In addition to the bread question, there was also a question about the perception of the Mets as "authentic," "blue-collar" or "proud." Self-described "lifelong" Mets fan Corey Keyes gave a most reasonable response to the bread query: if he saw a loaf of Met bread, "I would probably have to set the [supermarket] aisle on fire—based on how pathetic they are on the field and how embarrassing the management and players are off the field."