And now she's got signage! Though the cookie trail of connected pedestrian walkways between 51st Street and 57th Street and Sixth and Seventh Avenues have been around for ages, thanks to the Department of Transportation the strip now has an official name, 6 1/2 Avenue. Not to mention signage. Adorable signage which we suspect could quickly be almost as popular with thieves as those "Joey Ramone Place" signs.

Anyway, to see how the signed up strip was doing two fearless Gothamists headed up to the short "avenue" for a walk . And it is looking good! Though it seems that some cars are still getting used to the crosswalks in the middle of the street, and some parts of it are more inviting than others, the whole thing is a nice lark.

But really, the best part about the whole thing is that you can now legitimately say to someone you'll meet them at 55th and 6 1/2. Bonus, the avenue is already listed on Google Maps (though trying to walk it on Street View is a bit trippy...try it for yourself).

With Claire Voon and Nina Goldman