2007_01_watermainbrk.jpgWABC 7 reported a big water main break in the Longwood section of the Bronx, and when the chopper showed footage, it looked crazy times at Third Avenue and East 156th Street. A huge gaping hole in the middle of the street with water gushing from it, with cars parked nearby in the middle of a couple of feet of water!

Some buildings had 4-5 feet of water in the basements. Though MTA buses had to be rerouted, we are thankful the subway is elevated in those parts. The Office of Emergency Management explains water main breaks:

Temperature change causes most water main breaks. A 10-degree change in air or water temperature can cause pipes to contract or expand, making them fragile. When water or ground temperatures dip near the freezing point, it creates tremendous stress inside and outside the pipe. Additionally, some water pipes installed before World War II are made of cast iron — a brittle material susceptible to breakage.

Naturally, the OEM would love it if you could call 311 if you see water coming from the ground or roadway.

Check out the slideshow from WABC 7. We don't think WCBS's Brendan Keefe will be headed there.