2008_08_headless.jpgThe Post's Steve Cuozzo devotes a column to Wikipedia's many mistakes about NYC. Though he admits he uses it "on such essential matters as which actress plays which bimbo in 'Gossip Girl'," he doesn't understand why its non-pop culture entries--like that of New York City--are so wrong. Besides issues with street information, out-of-date crime data, real estate/architecture details, and the NYPD's community policing initiative, Cuozzo clears up the entry about the NY Post, explaining the 1983 "Headless Body in a Topless Bar" headline was not written by "onetime employee named Paul Beeman. In fact, it's a matter of historical record that the headline was written by then- managing editor VA Musetto (who is today The Post's film editor and Cine File columnist)." [Via Gawker, which thinks Cuozzo's "going to be up 'til at least midnight trying to correct all these things."]