WikiLeaks makes the news again today with more leaked diplomatic cables dealing with the relationship between Italy's Silvio Berlusconi and Russia's Vladimir Putin (as well as the whole Amazon dropping them from their servers thing). Meanwhile, some critics are noticing information found in the leaks—specifically about Iranian ballistic missiles—that isn't making most of the mainstream coverage and infers government meddling.

As for wanted international man of intrigue Julian Assange? The Post says the leaker-at-large is "wiki lucky" and that the only reason he hasn't been arrested yet is because Swedish prosecutors filled out his arrest warrant incorrectly. They are now planning to write a new warrant. Bureaucratic fumbles, they happen everywhere!

British authorities reportedly know his whereabouts (not in NYC?) and a WikiLeaks spokesman says that his location is being kept under wraps because American and British talking heads have called for Assange's death.