Who says the Wii is only for the young - or those dressed as Luigi? The Carter Burden Center for the Aging on the Upper East Side had a Senior Fitness Day this past Friday Friday that gave seniors a chance to play Wii baseball, as well as Brain Age 2 (photograph below), the Nintendo DS game that has various ways to challenge people's memory and keep people sharp.


The Carter Burden Center for the Aging has a number of volunteer opportunities on the UES, such as visiting and grocery shopping for homebound seniors as well as telephone reassurance. And seniors aren't the only ones who Nintendo is trying to attract - Nicole Kidman did an Australian commercial for Brain Age.

Top photograph of Lillian Faybik, 87, of Manhattan, playing Wii baseball and bottom photograph of Ethel Bockman, 94, right, and Stella Zielecki, 88, both of Manhattan, playing Brain Age 2 by Diane Bondareff