Yesterday morning cops cuffed a serial thief who’s suspected in seven bank robberies—two committed just minutes before his arrest. Most amazing was that a policeman recognized Robert Krieg—who was calmly sipping coffee when he was confronted—despite the blonde wig he wore during his stick-ups (most of the papers skirt the question of the wig, but it seems as though he wasn’t wearing it when he was nabbed at Penn Station). "He fit the description," said sharp-eyed Captain Edward Winski.

On Friday the police asked the public to help them find the suspect (is that Kurt Cobain in the picture?) in serial bank robberies. Saturday morning they had decided to flood Penn Station since Krieg was thought to be homeless and sleep in the terminal. But an hour before dozens of cops were scheduled to meet there, Winski spotted the 42-year-old drinking his morning coffee near 31st Street and 7th Avenue, reports the AP. When he began questioning the suspect the Captain didn’t even know he had committed two more bank robberies that very morning on W. 14th Street. "I was arresting him based on the prior robberies," said Winski. "I didn't know about the fresh ones." He took Krieg—who had just $18 in his wallet—into the station where he was ID’d and charged for all seven bank jobs.