Some wives are surprisingly understanding when their husbands tell them out of the blue that they have a ten-year-old love child with their former mistress. Other wives are so understanding, they get court orders to extract sperm from their recently deceased husband so that his girlfriend can have his baby.

Victoria Chege made that odd request this week, asking a Manhattan judge for permission to harvest late husband George Kamau's sperm. Kamau, 37, committed suicide Oct. 11 in Norwalk, Conn. at the home of Etaghua Asefa, 35, who identified herself to cops as the dead man's girlfriend. In court papers, Chege referred to Asefa as a "family friend and appointed surrogate [mother]," who was supposed to "give birth to the child he wanted but was prevented from conceiving." Justice Shirley Warner Kornreich signed off on Chege's sperm-preservation request, but fertitlity experts say the sperm must be taken from a corpse within 36 hours of death for it to be viable. Kamau was dead for at least 60 hours before Kornreich signed the order.

Last year, a Judge allowed a Bronx woman to have sperm extracted from her dead fiance after he died of an apparent heart attack, but the sperm was no longer viable. In another case, a Judge didn't allow a couple to use their deceased son's sperm to produce a grandchild .