A Brooklyn wife tried to kill her husband's child with another woman — first by slipping the mistress a medicine to induce abortion, then by attempting to poison the baby with tainted breast milk, according to cops.

In late October, after learning that her husband fathered a child with another woman, Kisha Jones, 38, (spellings of her first name and her age differ between the papers) somehow obtained a doctor's pad and placed prescription at a pharmacy for cytotec, a medicine designed to treat stomach ulcers that is also used to end pregnancies. Jones then called her husband's seven-month-pregnant mistress — 25-year-old Monique Hunter — and used a technology called "spoofing" that made her phone number appear to be that of the woman's obstetrician. After telling Hunter that she was an assistant to the woman's doctor, Jones apparently warned the woman that she needed to take the medicine if she didn't want her child to be born with Down syndrome. The next day, Hunter went to the pharmacy, took the medicine, and immediately went into labor.

Hunter was rushed to Kings County Hospital where the baby was born and put into neonatal intensive care. On Nov. 3, Jones purportedly called the hospital pretending to be Hunter and told staff that she wanted to give the baby breast milk that she had pumped at home. A man showed up at the hospital with two 20-ounce Poland Spring water bottles. When hospital workers noticed the liquid did not have the consistency of breast milk, they alerted cops, who initially thought that Hunter was trying to harm her own child. Police are still waiting for test results to determine if the milk was poisoned. The baby — Anthony Jr. — is expected to recover. Jones faces felony charges of reckless endangerment and forged medical prescription, and a misdemeanor charge of criminal impersonation. Hunter — who says she had dated Jones' husband for three years without realizing that he was married — had this to say: "She's got what she deserved. She should have thought about it before she did it."