Remember Kisha Jones — the Brooklyn wife accused of trying to kill her husband's out-of-wedlock baby by tricking the mother into taking an abortion-inducing medicine then attempting to poison the infant with tainted breast milk? Prosecutors now allege that after the baby's birth, she posed as a hospital administrator in an unsuccessful attempt to have the infant taken off its respirator!

The 31-year-old was hit with additional charges for reportedly calling Kings Country Hospital, claiming she was the CEO, and ordering doctors and nurses to remove the child from machines in the neonatal intensive care unit, according to the Post. The baby was in the ICU because he born 11 weeks early after Jones allegedly stole a doctor's prescription pad, forged an order for an abortion-inducing drug, called her husband's mistress pretending to be a doctor, and told the woman that she had to take the medicine so her child wouldn't be born with Downs syndrome.

Jones—who has said she's innocent—was remanded without bail on the new charge. She remains in jail where she has been held since she was arrested on Dec. 3. Police are still looking for the "killer milkman" who tried to sneak tainted breast milk into Kings County Hospital.