Forget about the subway this weekend, just forget it; it's a perfect storm of aggravation: Of the 20 lines that operate on the weekends, 18 will suffer some type of "serious" delays between tomorrow and Sunday. Riders on the 5, A, F, G, L and E have to do the dreaded shuttle-bus transfer at various points along their routes; the 1, 2, 7, B, N, J and R will skip a section of stops; and the 4, 6 and Q lines will run express at times, bypassing more stops. Oh, and the D will run on the N during midday hours tomorrow, skipping 12 Brooklyn stops. Only the M line will be spared. Yeah, the M.

New York City Transit spokesman Charles Seaton explains, "At this time of year we're performing work along the outdoor lines that cannot be done during harsh weather. It doesn't happen every weekend, but there are times when you'll see this much construction activity along the lines." The Post breaks the news to commuters basically to get a rise out of them; one Basyide resident vows, "I'll take my car this weekend—I'm not going to deal with it." Others without alternative modes of transportation will just have to take it.