This close call between a BMW and a construction vehicle was spotted at the corner of Mott and Bleeker Streets. And it is truly a mystery for the ages: how did the BMW get there? Did it parallel park under the arm, or was it there and then the arm came later? Was this some sort of homage to that third season Louie episode with the hieroglyphic parking signs and emasculating car destruction? Everything really is coming up Louis C.K. today.

Dev Brumberger, who took the photo above, adds this: "Honestly we didn't see any construction happening which made it all the more awkward. The photo is taken standing on Bleecker. I think the machine was in front of what is/was Planned Parenthood. At first we thought someone decided it looked like a great parking spot but upon closer inspection the car hood is dented so it may have fallen on it." Below, take a closer look at the hood:

Christopher Robbins/Gothamist