Police found the stolen Greyhound bus that disappeared from a Manhattan maintenance facility last weekend—but the discovery of the 45-foot coach only raised more questions. "Who would want to steal a Greyhound?" asked Jose Martinez, 42, who works in East Elmhurst, Queens, where the vehicle was found. "It's not like you can sell it or hide easily."

The Daily News reports that the $75,000 vehicle went missing from a Greyhound lot at the corner of West 30th Street and 12th Avenue at some time before 1 am on Sunday. Bus No. 6707 remained off the map until Wednesday at 2:15 am, when a Peter Pan bus driver saw the vehicle at 29th Avenue and Astoria Boulevard—missing its batteries and keys. Greyhound employees went to recover the bus yesterday, but when the "direction-challenged" workers left to get mechanical help, they forgot where the bus was parked and it went missing again, according to the tabloid.

Tabi Tabssum, 40, who works near the Q19 bus stop where the Greyhound vehicle was found, said it stood out "like a sore thumb." "It looked odd ... At first, I thought it stopped for a break, but then I did not see any passengers or driver."