The NY Times has an interesting article wondering about Henry Paulson's many calls to his former company, Goldman Sachs, while he was Treasury Secretary and overseeing bailouts. Sure, Paulson had sold his shares and obtained ethics waivers, but the Times reports, "During the week of the A.I.G. bailout alone, Mr. Paulson and Mr. Blankfein spoke two dozen times, the calendars show, far more frequently than Mr. Paulson did with other Wall Street executives. On Sept. 17, the day Mr. Paulson secured his waivers, he and Mr. Blankfein spoke five times. Two of the calls occurred before Mr. Paulson’s [ethics] waivers were granted." Lawyer and former executive director of the NY State Commission on Government integrity Peter Bienstock said, "If it can happen on a phone call and can happen without public scrutiny, it destroys the standard because then anything can happen in that fashion and any waiver can happen." Paulson's apparently busy writing a memoir, so he didn't comment.