Yesterday the killer of former Beatle John Lennon was transferred to a new correctional facility. Mark David Chapman has been at Attica for 31 years, but yesterday the 57-year-old murderer was moved to Wende, which is 18 miles away in Alden, NY. According to Peter Cutler, a spokesman for the state's prison and parole system, "this is an unusual move after such a lengthy stay in one facility."

Cutler talked to the Buffalo News, saying that the prison system "doesn't disclose the specific reasons why an inmate may be transferred" to a new facility.

Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life after murdering Lennon outside of his home at the Dakota in 1980, and was placed in Attica after spending a very short time at Sing Sing. In 2010, just before he was denied parole for a 6th time, Yoko Ono stated that he is safer behind bars. She is expected to protest his parole again in August this year.